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The following are Spanish, Quechua, or Aymara terms used in the text and maps as well as a few other essential words. There are several regional dialects of Quechua, and not all terms listed here are understood in all regions. Names of common plants and animals are found in Chapter 2, foods in Chapter 4, and medical terms in Chapter 5.

Spanish / Quechua(Q) / Aymara(A) to English
abajo down
abra mountain pass
acampar to camp
acequia  irrigation ditch
agua water
alco (Q, A) dog
altiplano high plateau, generally around Lake Titicaca
apacheta (Q) large cairn, usually marking a mountain pass
apu (Q) mountain deity
ari (Q) yes
arriba up
arriero muleteer
auto motor vehicle, shared taxi
auxilio help, rescue
bodega general store, shop
bofedal high-altitude bog
bosque forest
bravo fierce, aggressive
burro donkey
caballo horse
calamina metal sheet used for roofing
calaminado washboarded (road or trail)
caliente warm, hot
caminata walk, hike, trek
camino trail, footpath
camino de herradura horse trail
camión truck
camioneta pickup truck
campesino rural dweller
canal de riego irrigation canal
cañón canyon
capilla chapel, shrine
carpa tent
carretera afirmada unpaved secondary vehicle road
carretera asfaltada paved vehicle road
carro motor vehicle, shared taxi
carta topográfica topographic map
cascada waterfall
centro poblado small village, hamlet
cerco fence
cerro hill
chaca (Q) bridge
chaki (Q) foot
chakitaklla (Q) foot plow
chicha fermented corn beverage
chicha morada purple corn beverage (not fermented)
chiri (Q) cold
choza hut, primitive rural dwelling
chullo (Q) warm wool hat with ear flaps
chullpa (Q) ancient mausoleum or funeral tower
cobertizo open-sided animal shelter
cocha (Q) lake, pond
colca (Q) ancient storehouse or granary
colectivo shared taxi
colegio school
combi van used for public transport
comida food
comunero member of a (usually indigenous) community
cordillera mountain range
costa coast
cultivo crop, worked field
cumbre summit
derecha right
empinado steep
enfermo sick
escuela school
estancia small ranch, rural outpost
este east
filo edge, ridge
frío cold
ganado cattle
garúa mist, very fine drizzle
glaciar glacier
granizo hail
guía guide
hacienda large ranch, landholding
helada frost
herido injured
hospedaje accommodations, guesthouse
hospedaje comunitario community guesthouse
hospedaje municipal municipal guesthouse
huayco (Q) landslide
huchuy (Q) little
ichik (Q) little
ichu (Q) high-altitude straw
inicial nursery school, kindergarten
izquierda left
jatun (Q) big
Jirón (Jr.) street, used as the abbreviated prefix
kamisaraki (A) How are you? (universal greeting)
lago lake
laguna pond, lake
lliklla (Q) large colorful cloth used to carry bundles and babies on one’s back
locutorio public phone office, calling center
machay (Q) cave
maki (Q) hand
mana (Q) no
manso tame, gentle
mapa map
médico doctor
mercado market
micuy (Q) food
minibus, minivan van used for public transport
minka community work project
mirador scenic overlook, viewpoint
mototaxi motorized rickshaw taxi
mula mule
nevado snow-capped mountain
nieve snow
norte north
ñan (Q) road, path
oeste west
oroya cable car
Pachamama (Q) Mother Earth
páramo high, wet Andean moorland
pastizal pasture
peña cliff
perro dog
pirca (Q) stone wall
porteador porter
posta de salud basic health center
precipicio cliff
puente bridge
puna high dry Andean plateau
puquial (Q) spring
qoñi (Q) warm
quebrada ravine, gully, valley
queñua polylepis tree
recarga cell phone credit
recto straight ahead
refugio refuge, trekking shelter
rescate rescue
río river
ronda, ronda campesina community patrol
rumi (Q) stone, rock
runa (Q) man, person (usually indigenous)
runa ñan (Q) people’s road, foot trail
saywa (Q) small devotional cairn placed to propitiate a safe journey
selva jungle
serrano highlander
sierra highlands
su voluntad it’s up to you (referring to the amount of an offered payment or contribution)
sur south
tambo (Q) Inca posthouse, contemporary government accommodations
tayta (Q) father, old man
terminal terrestre large intercity bus terminal
tienda general store, shop
tinku (Q) confluence of two rivers
tormenta storm
toro bull
trocha carrozable rough vehicle track
turismo comunitario community tourism
turismo vivencial community tourism
uno (Q) water
vaca cow
valle valley
viento wind
volcán volcano
waliki (A) (I am) well (reply to Aymara greeting)
warmi (Q) woman
wayra (Q) wind
yacu (Q) water

English to Spanish / Quechua(Q) / Aymara(A)
accommodations hospedaje
aggressive bravo
big jatun (Q)
bridge puente, chaca (Q)
bull toro
bus terminal terminal terrestre
cable car oroya
canyon cañón
cattle ganado
cave machay (Q)
cell phone credit recarga
chapel capilla
cliff peña, precipicio
coast costa
cold frío, chiri (Q)
community tourism turismo comunitario, turismo vivencial
confluence of two rivers tinku (Q)
cow vaca
crop cultivo
doctor médico
dog perro, alco (Q), anu (A)
donkey burro
down abajo
east este
fence cerco
food comida, micuy (Q)
foot chaki (Q)
forest bosque
frost helada
glacier glaciar
guesthouse hospedaje
guide guía
gully quebrada
hail granizo
hand mano, maki (Q)
health center posta de salud
help auxilio
highlands sierra
hike caminar, caminata
hill cerro
horse caballo
horse trail camino de herradura
hot caliente, qoñi (Q)
hut choza
injured herido
irrigation canal canal de riego
irrigation ditch acequia
jungle selva
lake lago, cocha (Q)
landslide huayco (Q)
left izquierda
little pequeño, ichik (Q), huchuy (Q)
man hombre, runa (Q)
map mapa
market mercado
mist garúa
mountain pass abra
mountain range cordillera
mule mula
muleteer arriero
no no, mana (Q)
north norte
pasture pastizal
path camino, ñan (Q)
paved road carretera asfaltada
pickup truck camioneta
pond laguna
porter porteador
ravine  quebrada
rescue Auxilio, rescate
ridge filo
right derecha
river río, mayo (Q)
rock piedra, rumi (Q)
school escuela, colegio
shop bodega, tienda
shrine capilla
sick enfermo
snow nieve
snow-capped mountain nevado
south sur
spring manantial, vertiente, puquial (Q)
steep empinado
stone piedra, rumi (Q)
store bodega, tienda
storm tormenta
straight ahead recto
summit cumbre
tame manso
tent carpa
to camp acampar
topographic map carta topográfica
trail camino, ñan (Q)
trek caminar, caminata
trekking shelter refugio
truck camión
up arriba
valley valle
viewpoint mirador
volcano volcán
walk  caminar, caminata
warm caliente, qoñi (Q)
water agua, uno (Q), yacu (Q)
waterfall cascada
west oeste
wind viento, wayra (Q)
woman mujer, warmi (Q)
yes sí, ari (Q)

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